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What makes cutout. music scene. kw ɒ lɪti. Sugar level control do not use high to describe people, Hig-hquality, or plants.

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From Wiktionary, the free dictionary. She always wears high-quality clothes. We use only the highest-quality materials. of very good quality. Armenian: բարձրորակ hy barjrorak Belarusian: высакая́касны vysakajákasny Bikol Central: de-kalidad Chinese: Mandarin: 高 質量 的 , 高 质量 的 gāo zhìliàng de , high-class 高檔 / 高档 zh gāodàng Dutch: van hoge kwaliteit Finnish: korkealaatuinen fi Georgian: მაღალხარისხიანი maɣalxarisxiani , მაღალხარისხოვანი maɣalxarisxovani German: hochqualitativ Icelandic: hágæða Japanese: 高品質 kōhinshitsu Kazakh: жоғары сапалы joğary sapaly Mongolian: чанарлаг mn čanarlag Polish: wysokojakościowy pl Russian: высокока́чественный ru vysokokáčestvennyj Swedish: högkvalitativ sv Ukrainian: високоя́кісний vysokojákisnyj.

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There are seemingly endless terrific bands coming up and doing incredibly high-quality work. To give such a kiss, and even to enjoy receiving it, one must have a very high quality of organism.

But they stand the cold well and their beef is of high quality, and some breeders pin their faith to them. adjective adhering to an excellent standard of measure; of superior quality : Education depends on high-quality teachers and materials in our schools.

How to use high-quality in a sentence Stetson returned east in and created his own hat company, which produced high-quality hats made for outdoor use.

My Love Letter to the Stetson Mark McKinnon December 24, THE DAILY BEAST. What It Takes to Fix American Education Jonah Edelman November 23, THE DAILY BEAST. The Bioethicist Turned Butcher Elizabeth Picciuto September 28, THE DAILY BEAST. Grab A Shot Glass: Craft Tequila Needs Your Help Kayleigh Kulp September 7, THE DAILY BEAST.

Nourishing energy sources Sugar level control for highest quality. Words High-qualuty to highest-quality are not direct synonyms, but are Sugar level control with the High-quwlity highest-quality. Browse related words to learn more about word associations. adjective as in of the highest quality. adjective as in excellent. adjective as in first-rate. The bags themselves were covetable items as ever, relying on highest-quality material: ostrich and crocodile. View definitions for high-quality. Customized fat burning related Website performance analysis high-quality are High-qualigy direct synonyms, High-quality are High-qualith with the word high-quality. Browse related words to learn more about word associations. adjective as in of the highest class. noun as in superiority. noun as in excellence.

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remarks of an unseemly character. the attributes of a military hero. Examples of quality in a Sentence. Noun Honesty is a desirable quality. Stubbornness is one of his bad qualities. She has strong leadership qualities. The house has many fine qualities. His music has a primitive quality.

They offer quality at a reasonable price. Adjective The restaurant offers quality service. The store sells quality furniture at reasonable prices. It can be difficult to find quality childcare.

He had a quality education. See More. Recent Examples on the Web Noun. Word History. First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same century. Phrases Containing quality. high quality quality assurance quality point average quality control quality circle star quality quality point quality time quality of life.

high quality quality assurance quality point average quality control quality circle star quality quality point quality time quality of life See More. Articles Related to quality. The Adverb: A Most Fascinating POS 'POS' means "part of speech," obviously. Dictionary Entries Near quality.

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Kids Definition. quality noun. a : basic and individual nature a person with a kindly quality. b : a basic characteristic hardness is a quality of steel.

Medical Definition. b : the attribute of an elementary sensation that makes it fundamentally unlike any other sensation. c : the character of an X-ray beam that determines its penetrating power and is dependent upon its wavelength distribution.

Legal Definition. a : a character, position, or role assumed those acts of ownership, which the person called to the succession can only do in quality of heir — Louisiana Civil Code. b : the character of an estate as determined by the manner in which it is to be held or enjoyed. More from Merriam-Webster on quality.

Nglish: Translation of quality for Spanish Speakers Britannica English: Translation of quality for Arabic Speakers. Love words? Need even more definitions? Can you solve 4 words at once? Play Play. Word of the Day. Get Word of the Day daily email! high sea. isQuiz}} Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

Word of the Day out of the blue. If something happens out of the blue, it is completely unexpected. About this. Blog Bumps and scrapes Words for minor injuries February 14, Read More. has been added to list. To top. noun adjective.

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qualitypropertycharacterattribute mean an intelligible feature by which High-qualihy thing may be identified. High-qyality Sugar level control a general High-quality applicable Website performance analysis Dextrose Energy Metabolism trait or characteristic whether individual or generic. property implies a characteristic that belongs to a thing's essential nature and may be used to describe a type or species. character applies to a peculiar and distinctive quality of a thing or a class. attribute implies a quality ascribed to a thing or a being.

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These attachments support children as they develop a sense of self and begin to understand their emotions, and they lay the foundation for establishing successful relationships at later ages. Waiting until children enter preschool or kindergarten to introduce these vital interventions is simply too late.

The positive effects of high-quality early childhood programs on specific, short- and long-term outcomes for children, families, and communities, have been quantified by numerous research studies.

In the long term, those participating children are more likely to be employed and less likely to be dependent on government assistance. Despite evidence of the positive impact of high-quality early childhood education for all children, it remains out of reach for most low- and moderate-income families.

Moderate-income families are typically ineligible for these publicly funded programs, but at the same time, such families struggle to afford the high cost of care in the private sector. All states have regulations or licensing standards that child care providers must meet in order to legally operate in the state.

These regulations provide a baseline standard and are primarily focused on protecting children from harm rather than on advancing child development and early learning. As such, meeting licensing requirements serves only as a baseline providing the fundamental components necessary for operation rather than an indication of program quality.

In addition, states have varying requirements when it comes to determining exactly which providers need to be licensed, often making exemptions for faith-based programs or based on the number of nonrelative children served.

As a result, significant numbers of children attend license-exempt programs that are not required to meet even the minimum licensing standard. Moreover, the key to a high-quality program is what happens inside the classroom or family child care home, namely the interactions that take place between the teacher and child.

As such, the quality of an early childhood program is dependent on the following three key factors. The learning environment created by a teacher is critical to the quality of an early childhood program.

A well-trained and highly skilled teacher tailors their interactions to fit the needs of the child—using responsive language, engaging all children in classroom activities, fostering independence, and creating a language-rich environment. The experiences children have with teachers in their earliest years can also set the tone for their interactions with teachers in later grades and thus are crucial to promoting positive attitudes about school and approaches to learning.

Children need a physical setting—both inside and outdoors—where they can play, explore, and learn safely. For example, infants need to interact with their environment in a very physical way, examining cause and effect relationships by touching and feeling objects.

The environment should therefore include toys made of different materials that are small enough to be picked up by an infant.

Toddlers and preschoolers use objects in more complex combinations and engage in socio-dramatic play with one another. Their environment needs toys that spark the imagination, such as play kitchens, and that can engage them in problem solving such as puzzles.

In addition to the indoor learning environment, children need access to outdoor space where they can move and engage with the natural world.

Outdoor play has positive impacts on health and has been shown to combat childhood obesity and help develop stronger immune systems. A high-functioning operating environment is an essential element of a quality early childhood program. This administrative operational support takes a number of forms.

First, programs need effective leaders who can provide instructional support to teachers as well as sound business management to the overall program.

Second, external to the immediate program, programs need a series of structural supports, including access to professional development, quality improvement resources, stable and sufficient funding streams, and a pipeline of well-trained teachers.

These external supports recognize that early childhood programs do not operate in a vacuum and rely on the wider early childhood system. All three factors need to be in place to ensure quality. A well-resourced classroom is not sufficient without an effective teacher to harness those resources.

Meanwhile, an effective teacher is not sustainable without a support system to manage the business, support instruction, and provide professional development. While there is no single definition of high quality and therefore no single measurement tool to determine and compare early childhood program quality across the United States, there are a number of tools that are widely used to assess and report the quality of early childhood programs.

In addition to a core set of health and safety requirements, the three factors discussed above make up the key elements of a high-quality program. The workforce is the most critical component of quality in an early childhood program.

This important role requires that teachers have formal education and training in early childhood education. Providing professional compensation and benefits, comparable to kindergarten teachers, helps recruit and retain effective and educated teachers and promotes a stable healthy learning environment for children.

In addition, programs need to be staffed at a level that allows for teacher-child ratios that are appropriate for the age of the children and the size of the group, such as those required for programs accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The early childhood education workforce should also reflect the growing diversity of the child population, ensuring that children have teachers they can relate to and role models that reflect their own backgrounds.

Early childhood program administrators are responsible for a broad range of tasks, requiring many different competencies. Instructional leaders support teachers with lesson planning and curriculum implementation, behavior management strategies, and professional development.

Second, programs need leaders with sound business management skills. The majority of early childhood programs are private businesses, and similar to any other small business, their long-term stability is reliant on adequate business management and the implementation of good budgetary practices.

Finally, program administrators must be skilled in organizational management and relationship building. In addition to fostering relationships with families and the community, leaders play a key role in creating a positive atmosphere inside the program, which can minimize teacher turnover, increase program efficiency, and allow teachers to focus on the children.

These multiple administrative roles need to be staffed sufficiently, which ideally includes more than one person, given the varied skill sets required. All early childhood programs should adopt a research-based curriculum that is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically relevant for all children.

Curricula also help teachers effectively structure and sequence classroom activities, target particular activities to build skills or meet development milestones, and build on prior learning and experiences. Curricula provide varying levels of flexibility to individual teachers; some provide highly structured models for teachers to implement, while others offer guiding principles and expect teachers to determine the best way to implement.

There are a large number of curricula available for programs to choose from, with some of the best known models being the Creative Curriculum, HighScope Curriculum, and Tools of the Mind. It is also important that a curriculum is adopted for all age groups, not just preschoolers. Infants and toddlers need a curriculum that focuses on their need to explore and discover the world around them, guided by supportive and responsive caregivers.

The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning has identified 13 components that need to be present in an effective curriculum: Achieving high quality in an early childhood program is not a one-time milestone.

Programs must constantly monitor, reflect, and revise policies and practices to ensure that they maintain quality. Given that data shows many programs are not currently operating at high quality, it is critically important that quality improvement supports are available to help programs increase and then maintain quality.

In many QRIS, providers can access professional development and coaching opportunities and can receive financial incentives to purchase materials or equipment.

In order to support the highly qualified workforce, the safe and engaging physical and learning environment, and the stable business infrastructure necessary to achieve and maintain high quality, programs need to be able to access funding that supports the actual cost of operation.

In order to ensure high-quality programs are available to all children, public funding needs to be sufficient to cover the costs of quality and provide families with help to afford the cost of private tuition.

In addition, funding needs to be stable so that programs can make staffing and other business decisions based on anticipated income that is not subject to annual appropriations or fluctuations due to child absences. The total funding available to a program therefore needs to be adequate to cover the actual cost of operating at high quality and secure enough for programs to make plans beyond the short term.

These six elements are key to achieving and maintaining high quality in all early childhood settings. Given the huge variation in early childhood programs in the United States, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to quality, and quality is not restricted to one program type.

Family child care homes, child care centers—both for-profit and nonprofit—and public schools can all provide high-quality early childhood education for children of all ages. For example:. Neither the demographic background of a child and family nor the type of facility in which the child is enrolled should be a barrier to accessing high-quality programs.

However, programs need support to achieve and maintain quality. The six elements outlined above offer a roadmap to policymakers and stakeholders that allows them to focus on the key structures necessary to support high quality. The need for high-quality early childhood education has never been greater, but programs are increasingly out of reach for a majority of Americans.

As policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels develop strategies to address the child care crisis, they must simultaneously focus on the importance of quality. To achieve the goal of increasing access to high-quality programs for all children, it is vital that families and policymakers fully understand what quality looks like and what structures are needed to support it.

The quality indicators identified in this issue brief can serve as a roadmap for policymakers to ensure the key supports are in place to help programs achieve and maintain quality and to help families access those high-quality programs.

Simon Workman is the Associate Director of Early Childhood Policy at the Center for American Progress. Rebecca Ullrich is a Policy Analyst for the Early Childhood Policy team at the Center. The authors would like to thank Harriet Dichter and Anne Mitchell for their insights and feedback on previous drafts of this issue brief, as well as our colleagues Katie Hamm and Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath at American Progress for their comments and edits.

The positions of American Progress, and our policy experts, are independent, and the findings and conclusions presented are those of American Progress alone. A full list of supporters is available here. American Progress would like to acknowledge the many generous supporters who make our work possible.

Principal, Prenatal to Five Fiscal Strategies; former director, Early Childhood Policy, Center for American Progress. Center for American Progress Quality Identifying the Core Components of a High-Quality Early Childhood Program Downloads Download Report PDF KB. Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Print.

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Print. Media Contact Em Espey Senior Manager, Media Relations. Sarah Nadeau Associate Director, Media Relations. Government Affairs Madeline Shepherd Director, Federal Affairs.

Emma Lofgren Associate Director, State and Local Government Affairs. Download Report PDF KB. Stay informed on Early Childhood Policy. From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © by the Philip Lief Group.

Skip to. adjective 1 as in of a superior nature. noun 1 as in superiority. View definitions for high-quality high-quality. adjective as in of a superior nature Compare Synonyms. Synonyms Antonyms. Strongest matches excellent finest first-rate prime quality superior.

Strong matches exclusive five-star. Weak matches shipshape tiptop top-drawer top-notch topflight. noun as in superiority Compare Synonyms.

Strong matches choiceness excellence fineness greatness superbness superiority. Discover More Related Words Words related to high-quality are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word high-quality.

cordon bleu adjective as in of the highest class. excellence noun as in superiority. fineness noun as in excellence. first-rate adjective as in of the highest quality.

prime adjective as in excellent, topnotch. Discover More Example Sentences Stetson returned east in and created his own hat company, which produced high-quality hats made for outdoor use. From The Daily Beast. Now, he co-owns Happy Valley Meat Company, a high-quality beef supplier.

Navigation menu eespey Website performance analysis. English UK Change High-quality UK Hivh-quality US High-qualityy Русский Português Deutsch Français Italiano High-qkality 简体 High-qualitg 繁體 Polski 한국어 Türkçe Athlete diet plans Tiếng Việt Nederlands Svenska Dansk Norsk हिंदी বাঙ্গালি मराठी ગુજરાતી தமிழ் తెలుగు Українська. noun as in superiority Compare Synonyms. All states have regulations or licensing standards that child care providers must meet in order to legally operate in the state. Free word lists and quizzes from Cambridge. Kagan and Barbara T.
Quality Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster Choose your language. has been Website performance analysis to list. Sugar level control are entries, Hith-quality alphabetically, High-qualitj over four hundred high - quality contributors. See all examples of high-quality. dandy Slang. How do I improve the quality of a photo? Chinese English to Simplified.

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