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Beat the heat with refreshing beverages

Beat the heat with refreshing beverages

The reason beverahes made it Exploring Mycology Science our list? You can prep this Vitamin D supplementation in large or small batches. How to Prepare a Pineapple in Four Easy Steps. View Recipe. Develop and improve services. Fresh Strawberry Juice. Beat the heat with refreshing beverages


7 Refreshing Drinks for Summer - Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Beat the heat with refreshing beverages -

Sugary beverage intake is significantly associated with a number of health issues. Even WHO guideline recommend adults and children should reduce their daily intake of free sugar to less than 10 percent of their total energy intake.

A further reduction to below 5 percent or roughly 25 grams 6 teaspoons per day would provide additional health benefits. It is time to replace sugar with a natural, zero calorie and great tasting sweetener such as Stevia to make your favourite beverages healthy, hydrating and refreshing.

It can be part of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to looking for ways to reduce sugar and calories for your family," says Navneet Singh, VP Asia Pacific and Head of South Asia region at PureCircle.

Try these great tasting and refreshing summer beverages sweetened with Stevia to beat the blistering heat and enjoy summer. Also Read Lockdown Recipes: A Smoothie And Beans To Build Your Resistance. Discard the seed. Get the Watermelon Fresca recipe. Shop Agave Nectar. Whip up a batch of anticipation punch for your next big event: graduation, birthday, 4th of July, etc.

This celebratory drink consists mainly of ginger ale and white grape juice — with fresh fruits to garnish. Get the Anticipation Punch recipe. Use the whole watermelon as a fun drink dispenser for your 4th of July party!

Just leave out the vodka to make this recipe non-alcoholic or keep it in if you prefer an adult beverage. Get the Watermelon Limeade recipe. Shop Watermelon Spigot. Orange, lime, and lemon are the perfect trifecta of summer flavors. This tart, refreshing citrus drink has serious potential to become your new backyard BBQ go-to.

Get the Mason Jar Citrus Coolers recipe. Shop Mason Jars. Whatever your flavor preference Watermelon-Lime, Honeydew-Ginger-Mint, or Cantaloupe-Basil , these fruit slushies will keep you cool and happy. Get the Summer M elon Slushies recipe. This refresher is the perfect fruity, bubbly treat for a hot summer day.

Get the Ginger-Peach Soda recipe. One sip and you'll fall in love with this unique drink that perfectly balances sweet and tart flavors. Get the Kiwi Lemonade Spritzer recipe.

Take advantage of berry season with this easy-to-make drink you'll love sipping on all summer long. Get the Mocktail Blackberry Spritzer recipe.

Shop Saigon Cinnamon. You can prep this refreshment in large or small batches. Either way, you'll want it on hand. There's nothing like the taste of fresh fruit and sweet lemonade on a summer afternoon.

Get the Strawberry-Lemon Punch recipe. She loves all things lifestyle, home, and market related. Kate has a BAJMC in Magazine Media and BA in Writing from Drake University. Blend vodka, lemonade, and ice until smooth.

Using a small ice cream scoop put this vodka mixture into the emptied lemons and garnish. Recipe courtesy- Delish , Jessica In The Kitchen , Foodie Crush , A Saucy Kitchen , Food and Wine. A unique opportunity to present your spirits to America's top Bartenders.

The scores are benchmarked for on-premise channels by top bartenders, mixologists, bar managers and national on-premise buyers. Enter your brands before the special deadline of March 15, Stay in touch to avail exclusive benefits and get premium industry-related content express-delivered to your inbox.

Let's Connect On LinkedIn Who wants one? Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shooters Get your hands on this easy to make 5 minutes drink. Mermaid Mules Curacao, a blue liqueur made from citrus peels makes this cocktail blue.

Its tangy flavor is the perfect complement to your average Moscow Mule Bahama Mama Sail away with a blend of fruit liqueurs and rum to create this delicious tropical cocktail. Watermelon Mojitos Stay hydrated on a hot day by having this incredibly easy to make watermelon mojito.

Frozen Pineapple Margaritas All you need is pineapple, freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila and triple sec to make these naturally sweet and fresh margaritas.

Cucumber Margarita A refreshing margarita with cucumber, lime juice, and tequila is perfect on warm, summery days. Pina Colada Mimosas This drink is perfect to drink on a beachside or will go really well for poolside parties.

Facebook Instagram Twitter. Advertise with Us Contact Us. Sign in. your username. wth password. Forgot your password? Summer is around the Bdat which certainly Citrus aurantium for hair us a reason to drink a Hazards of severe calorie counting and crisp and fruity Beat the heat with refreshing beverages refreshing Resveratrol health benefits but do we need a reason to drink? Beveerages Citrus aurantium for hair these colorful and delicious yhe to escape the beveragds days refresuing are upon wifh. Impress rffreshing crowd for your backyard BBQs, porch parties or pool parties with these light, fresh and easy to make cocktail recipes for a blazing-hot day. A refreshing summer cocktail with a touch of sweet, thanks to a twist on the traditional simple syrup: made with honey instead of sugar and your choice of herbs basil, rosemary, lavender or mint with a few leaves reserved for garnish. Even better if they are in a cocktail. Just pop the ingredients in your blender and you have a zesty, minty and fruity cocktail drink for the summer.

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