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Protein for improved focus and concentration

Protein for improved focus and concentration

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Protein for improved focus and concentration -

Blueberries have more antioxidants than any other commonly eaten fruit. They are one of the best dietary sources of anthocyanins which gives the berries their trademark color , catechins, fibre, and ellagic acid. All those antioxidants and potent compounds have significant impacts on your brain health.

For instance, blueberries may boost focus and concentration by helping your neurons communicate with each other more efficiently. Add blueberries to your weekly grocery list, because researchers found that the antioxidants in these fruits accumulate in your brain over time.

These root vegetables are high in nitrates the healthy type, and not the unhealthy form found in processed foods. When consumed, your body converts the nitrates into nitric oxide , a molecule that lowers your blood pressure, improves blood flow and dilates your blood vessels.

Increased blood flow means your brain gets more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. This frontal cortex is where many of your focus- and concentration-based tasks are processed, including your working memory and decision-making.

When your brain cells aren't adequately hydrated, they aren't able to communicate appropriately. Sign up for a weekly dose of Braincare, straight to your inbox. Everything you need to know, every Sunday. Location Rest of World. Nutrition 7 foods that help with focus For optimal creativity, problem-solving, concentration and learning, give your brain the fuel it needs.

Article breakdown. Foods that help with focus 7 best foods for focus. Get your free braincare guide. Your email. Related articles. Natural supplements for ADHD: do they really work? One of the most efficient ways to boost your concentration is by eating whole foods that fuel your body and brain.

Diet plays a massive role in how our bodies function. What we eat provides us with the nutrients we need to stay healthy and active.

If we're continually indulging in unhealthy and processed foods, we won't perform at our best. Conversely, if we eat foods that are rich in the exact vitamins and minerals our bodies crave, then our bodies will naturally run better, and our concentration and focus will be functioning at its best too.

While there's no quick fix to increase your focus, there are healthy foods that can help optimize your concentration and raise your energy levels. Sweet and delicious, berries are full of antioxidants and nutrients that many other foods lack. The next time you head to the grocery store, try reaching for this sweet treat.

Berries that contain the highest amount of antioxidants include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and mulberries. Not only are berries a delightful treat, but they're also easy to incorporate into your diet.

Enjoy them as a midday snack or as a topping on a bowl of Greek yogurt. Adding berries to your favorite recipe will boost its flavor and health benefits.

At Bob's Red Mill, we enjoy adding berries to breakfast smoothies like this B erry Peachy Booster smoothie. Eating berries in the morning can help keep your body and brain focused on the long day ahead.

Green tea might top the list as the best food for improving concentration and memory. A popular drink sipped worldwide, it can be enjoyed hot, cold or even in powdered form. Packed with health-promoting compounds, green tea is a drink you'll want to incorporate into any concentration focused diet.

Drink it regularly, or even add it to your baked goods! You've probably seen kale bundled up next to the rest of the leafy greens. Part of the cabbage family, kale is a veggie filled with focus-enhancing vitamins. Full of Vitamins C, A and K, one serving of kale has more calcium than a serving of milk.

While this veggie is great for you, it's also incredibly versatile. When lightly seasoned and baked, kale can turn into a chip that is sure to become one of your new favorite snacks.

If you're looking for a more filling way to include kale into your diet, add it to a dish like Black Bean and Creamy Kale Enchiladas for a truly satisfying meal. Flaxseeds pack a lot of nutrients into a tiny package.

Available whole or ground, flaxseeds are an excellent source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating flaxseeds into your diet is a great way to get these nutrients, as well as an extra boost of plant-based protein.

Because flaxseed protein solely comes from plants, this seed is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans looking to up their protein intake. Add these seeds to your smoothies, muffins, cereal and even cookies for an extra boost of brain-supporting nutrients.

If you're hoping to add more protein to your diet while also boosting your concentration and focus, then fish is a great choice. Protein is a crucial part of healthy memory function, and incorporating more fish into your diet can ensure that your brain is getting the correct amount of nutrients needed to remain its healthiest.

Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating foods into your diet that are high in omega-3 is essential because our bodies can not make it on their own. Omega-3 is a nutrient that only enters our body through food, and fish is one of the best ways to get it. When choosing which fish to add to your next meal, look for ones that are caught sustainably.

Fish like salmon, herring and trout are all great for you and can often be found fresh at local markets. When searching for a healthy chocolate snack, not just any chocolate will do. Dark chocolate often contains less added sugar, which makes it the perfect snack when you need a quick concentration boost.

Its high cacao content can help boost your energy levels and may even help you focus for longer. Dark chocolate is great in smoothies or even a delicious homemade trail mix. Craving brain-boosting energy on-the-go?

Try out this Hemp Protein Truffle recipe. Sweet and delicious, this recipe tastes more like candy than a superfood snack. A great snack to always keep on hand, nuts are a treat that can be enjoyed raw, cooked or added to baked goods.

Rich in omega-3s and magnesium, this is one superfood that you won't want to skimp on! Due to their unique texture, when ground, nuts can be used to replace many traditional flours.

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