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Homemade versions of favorite snacks

Homemade versions of favorite snacks

This recipe includes a Nutrition and exercise in recovery filling, but it also works Vefsions with your favorite spreads, vrsions, and nut butters. Now You Know. Kale Smoothie Frozen bananas and peaches give this creamy green smoothie an irresistible sweet and fruity flavor. Thankfully, there are many ways to enjoy the most beloved of brand-name snacks without spending a lot or consuming unhealthy artificial ingredients. The salsa is incredibly simple yet super tasty.

Homemade versions of favorite snacks -

Make your own microwave popcorn--it's the simplest technique for making popcorn at home and only requires popcorn kernels and a single brown bag. You'll pop up a perfectly fluffy, light snack each time. With just five ingredients, these simple, no-bake energy bars are tastier than any bars you can buy!

Dates, cashews, almonds and coconut whir up in the food processor for an easy homemade version of a Larabar. Pack one up for a healthy snack for work, or send some off with your kids for an energizing snack before soccer practice.

Salty, spicy and garlicky, these roasted pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack for any time of day. Increase the quantity of ground chile if you want 'em extra hot. Coconut extract gives these homemade granola bars tropical-inspired flavor.

Feel free to swap the blueberries, cashews and flaxseeds for any combination of your favorite dried fruit, nuts or seeds. Instead of buying pricy energy bars, fuel your fitness routine with this great-tasting homemade energy bar recipe.

Whether you use these energy bars as a pre-workout snack or to refuel and recover post-workout, they'll give your body what it needs. Best of all, you can make this energy bar recipe in minutes. Smoked paprika and garlic powder punch up the flavor in this easy roasted pumpkin seeds recipe.

Double, triple or quadruple this healthy trail mix recipe and keep it on hand for when you need a sweet snack. Fresh spinach and herbs blended with tahini and garlic make this tahini dip recipe perfect for crudités--or try it as a vegan alternative to regular ranch dressing.

Enjoy this fresh tomato sauce hot or cold. Its bold flavor is delicious in a simple pasta salad or topping any protein just off the grill. The mix-ins in these homemade granola bars are inspired by ingredients commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking--dates, hazelnuts, pistachios, tahini and cardamom.

Give plain crackers a flavorful boost when you roast them with paprika and oregano. For a touch of smokiness, try smoked paprika instead of regular. Serve with hummus, cheese or your favorite dip. Salt-and-vinegar seasoning isn't just for chips. These roasted pumpkin seeds tossed with salt and vinegar are a briny, crunchy treat.

Soaking the seeds in vinegar ensures that the deep vinegary flavor remains after baking. Not a fan of kale? These crispy baked kale chips will convert you!

For the best result, don't overcrowd the pans. Skip the bag of microwaved popcorn and satisfy a snack craving by making your own flavored popcorn. In this healthy popcorn recipe, we use Parmesan cheese, lime zest and a hint of chili powder, but feel free to use your favorite spices.

For the best flavor, opt for olive oil cooking spray to help the toppings stick to the popcorn. These spicy nuts were inspired by ones sold by street vendors across Mexico. If you can only find salted peanuts, omit the added salt.

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Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Tell us why! Eat it by the handful or with milk. Just make sure it cools before adding the chocolate, so the individual chunks don't melt.

You'll never buy granola bars again when you see how easy it is to make your own. These are pretty nutritious, but that won't stop us from finishing them with a drizzle of chocolate.

Since there are 12 bars per batch, you can share them with your coworkers or eat them all yourself. You deserve a fancy toast. In fact, you deserve many fancy toasts. Start your snacking on the right foot with this one, which is pretty enough to serve at brunch. Sprinkle it with extra lemon zest for an Insta-worthy finishing touch.

We all know that nuts are a healthy , easy snack, but they can also be kinda boring. Zhuzh them up with flaky salt, dry seasonings and fresh herbs, then eat them warm to take them out of womp-womp territory. Consider this your challenge to do better than baby carrots straight out of the bag, drenched in ranch dressing.

A gorgeous presentation gives you the easy snack break you deserve. Recipe creator Sarah Copeland also recommends preparing an extra batch of romesco to spread on future sandwiches. In our book, that means we're going for seconds. And thirds. Let them sit in the refrigerator to firm up before serving.

If you have a bag of edamame in your freezer, you essentially have everything you need to prepare this vitamin-packed finger food. The recipe makes four to six servings but we won't blame you for not sharing.

Smoked paprika and lemon zest will bring every bite to life. Soft pretzels stuffed with cheese are the epitome of self-care—even if you do end up scorching your mouth on that hot, melty Brie. Go the extra mile by finishing the bites with everything bagel seasoning instead of coarse salt.

This tray of loaded tots is serving big snack energy. Add as much sour cream, salsa verde and pickled onions as you can stomach. Bring your favorite hot sauce to the table to boot, and you're golden. Have a watermelon on your hands? Although the recipe developer encourages using a seedy watermelon, seedless works too.

No bananas, no problem. Mix the recipe up with whatever berries or greens you have on hand. The vanilla almond milk adds another layer of dessert-inspired flavor to the sipper. Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips. Your Taco Tuesday spread just got a million times more impressive. Serve them with plenty of guac and salsa.

Might we suggest this grilled mango variety? Regardless, eat them ASAP; while they stay good for up to two days, they're best when hot. Jalapeño Poppers.

So much better than the version from the freezer aisle, these poppers are super easy to make—and even easier to eat. No game day is complete without 'em. Keep them vegetarian by leaving out the bacon or don't.

Fruit Roll-Ups. Congrats on adulthood: You can finally eat as many fruit roll-ups as you want—and from scratch! The recipe is for mango-peach or strawberry-blackberry varieties, but it also provides instructions for making the basic roll-ups, so you can choose your own fruits.

Best-Ever Brownies. Sometimes, you just need a brownie break in the middle of the day. These easy handhelds which are loaded with crumbled Oreos, BTW are here for you. And don't worry: These brownies are nut-free—although you can add some if you'd prefer.

Roasted Chickpeas. A healthy alternative to grains, chickpeas crisp up nicely and are snackable by the handful. Get creative with the spices—the ones in the recipe sumac! smoked paprika! are only a suggestion. Five-Ingredient Golden Milk Snack Bites.

Cashew butter is the base for these creamy, sweet, turmeric-filled bites. Melted coconut butter can double as frosting, if you're feeling decadent.

It's worth making extra, trust. Vegan Banana Bread. Walnuts and sweet bananas add so much texture to this snackable bread. It's bound by a flax egg, which is an easier vegan egg substitute than you may realize. Once it's cooled, slather some slices with plant-based butter, cream cheese or Nutella.

This salty, savory gem with a glass of wine? The seasonings are mashed into the melted butter before it's poured on, so each piece of popcorn is dripping with garlicky, cheesy splendor. Layer in crushed red pepper flakes for added kick.

Smoky, Savory Fire Crackers. Dress up a regular pack of saltines with this easy snack recipe that makes the plain crackers equal parts sweet, spicy and crispy. Make sure to butter them generously, but not too much—there's nothing worse than a soggy snack.

Vegan, Gluten-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Tahini and Maple. These cookies have everything : tahini, maple syrup, oatmeal, our heart.

While it's an easy snack recipe, the developer stresses that small changes make a big difference, so measuring carefully is crucial. Make a second batch of dough for the freezer to bake whenever a craving strikes.

Jammy Soft-Boiled Eggs. Sometimes, an impeccably cooked egg just hits the spot. This high-protein, easy snack idea takes mere minutes to make and seconds to scarf down. Serve them with rice, savory oatmeal or eat them solo. Imagine noshing on a crispy, hot chicken flauta while you curl up with the latest Netflix drop.

You'll only need three ingredients: rotisserie chicken , flour tortillas and cheese. Oh, and lots of sour cream and salsa for dipping, of course. Homemade Peach Crumb Bars. The recipe takes just 20 minutes to pull together and comes out of the oven in less than Copycat Milano Cookies.

Who remembers downing an entire pack of Milano cookies as an afternoon snack? For a fresh spin on the chocolate filling, add mint extract to the mix. Sweet Potato Cornbread. A hot slice of cornbread is a wonder, but the addition of sweet potatoes makes it something to behold.

Serve warm with butter, maple syrup or honey. Air Fryer Veggie Chips. Slice your vegetables we like sweet potatoes, carrots and beets on a mandoline to ensure thin, even rounds. Make a triple batch and your midnight snack is set for the week. Peanut Toffee Chocolate Clusters. Sweet-and-salty snack fans will love these super-easy candies, which are prime for noshing and gifting alike.

Vegan Snickerdoodle Energy Balls. Cinnamon and sugar are a great pairing, especially in a gluten-free, dairy-free package. They're the perfect pick-me-up to combat the afternoon slump.

Don't let the prep time deter you: It's almost entirely hands-off. Once you've obtained your fruit juices and molds, the work is basically done for you. You can just chill until the pops are well, fully chilled.

Baked Bananas. This sweet yet all-natural snack idea is easy to make, and it's great for on-the-go munching. Once they're finished, feel free to slather on your nut butter of choice or fine, melted chocolate before digging in. Everyone likes mozzarella sticks, so this one is kind of a no-brainer.

But these are bite-size, meaning they're extra snackable. Pick your favorite marinara sauce or pesto—just try your best to wait for them to cool before devouring. Pumpkin Seeds. This low-effort, high-nutrient snack idea is everything. Get creative with the spices you use, and make sure to toast them for the full 30 minutes.

This ensures a shatteringly delicious crunch. After thinly slicing the sweet spuds, all you need to do is oil them up, toss them in herbs and seasoning and bake to crispy perfection.

Serve with ketchup, or get creative—a curry sauce or spicy aioli would take things up a notch. This is a timeless, easy snack idea that soothes our inner child.

Sweet, salty, versiions, decadent, I snackss them Homemaxe Many snacks Verdions so easy to make that Natural detox for reducing acne store prices Homemade versions of favorite snacks ridiculous! So instead of buying snacks, check out these 16 snacks you can make at home instead of buying copycat type recipes! Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. Just try making one new snack recipe a week and ease yourself into making your own snacks. But instead of a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients, you know exactly what goes into these! Because favorte body may be Homemade versions of favorite snacks up but your taste snacs shouldn't have to. Faovrite are some fzvorite, healthier alternatives to Homemave foods your Cognitive function enhancement courses child is craving hard. Homemade versions of favorite snacks prepared with mostly whole foods, fewer processed ingredients, and less added sugar. And since they're all homemade, you can actually control what you're putting into there. This simple recipe is a great alternative to the fried options you see in restaurants and freezer meals, and it calls for just cornflakes, sliced boneless chicken breasts or thighs, and a quarter-cup of honey mustard. Homemade versions of favorite snacks

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